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Quimera is a Junior Enterprise (JE) in the field of language studies in the University of Brasília (UnB).It was founded in 2014 by Applied Foreign Languages (AFL) students.It is a non-profit enterprise, as our main goal is to provide students with opportunities to practice skills related to the course.In addition, they have the opportunity to improve and acquire knowledge required in the job market.

In 2016, the JE amplified its area of operation.We offered spots to students of all majors related to the area of language studies in UnB whose entrepreneur and innovative spirits fit Quimera's profile.Currently, Quimera trails its path unto federation, actively participating in the Junior Enterprises Movement (JEM).We also count with the support of Concentro, the federation that orientates JEs in the Federal District.Our target audience are people searching for quality and affordable service. Thus, we are available to individuals and companies.

Internally, we utilize unconventional nomenclature for our managing departments, since the old names brought with them the weight of their bureaucracy.They did not fit our reality as a young and modern company.We are a team seeking innovation not only through our services, but also internally, so that all members feel happy and connected to the company and its processes.

More than a simple idea of nomenclature, it's important to highlight that Quimera follows a different model in its internal processes, which makes us unique in the services we so passionately provide.

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